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Empowering women to make confident decisions through prenatal education, Hypnobabies’ internationally successful program helps families create an enjoyable and more comfortable birth.
Is Hypnobabies the Right Birth Class for Me

Are you going natural? 

This is the Birth Class you want for an Easier Natural Birth!!

Many moms choose Hypnobabies to help prepare them for unmedicated birth, and guess what, it works!!

Hypnobabies is powerful enough for moms to have very comfortable births (sometimes even pain free!!) without the need for any type of pain medication at all.

Hypnobabies is different because we use what’s called Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis, so you can stay deeply in hypnosis and very comfortable while talking with your care providers or birth partner, and even while moving around as much as feels comfortable to you. You can lay down or relax if you want to-but there's no need to lay down and hold still to stay 'in the zone.' You can move around and be as social as you’d like.

Hypnobabies is flexible like that.

Are you having a Home or Birth Center birth?

That’s great! Hypnobabies works amazingly well in out of hospital settings! Midwives, doulas, and birth partners can all learn your cue-words and help you use your hypnosis to be very comfortable. Ask your midwife or doula if she’s worked with Hypnobabies moms in the past and you’ll get a glowing review!

Are you planning a Hospital Birth?

Hypnobabies is perfect for hospital births! We even have handouts that relate specifically to hospital birth settings. We have tips for how to create a peaceful hospital birth environment, how to get a great nurse who you get along well with, and some other great hospital-specific information!

Beyond what you learn in class, staff members at hospitals tend to be very supportive of Hypnobabies, and many are floored that moms can be ‘that calm’ while having their babies! Plus, there have been lots of nurses, midwives, and obstetricians who witness Hypnobabies births and later decided to use Hypnobabies to prepare for their own births. That’s pretty cool!

Are you planning an epidural?

Some moms plan to have an epidural, and some plan to keep that option open, “just in case” and Hypnobabies works really well for both of these kinds of moms. It helps them stay much more comfortable while they’re at home, and at the hospital until they get the epidural. In fact, many moms who plan epidurals discover they are comfortable enough with Hypnobabies, that they never felt they ‘needed’ one! Now, that’s impressive!

Occasionally, a mom has had an experience, or heard a story, where the epidural didn’t quite work the way it was expected to. These moms want a “back up plan” to help keep them as calm and comfortable as possible, no matter what happens, and Hypnobabies is a perfect fit.

Sometimes there's a stigma associated with birth classes that if a mom takes a birth class, plans an unmedicated birth, and later changes her mind and gets an epirudal that she has somehow 'failed.' This is simply NOT TRUE!! There are so many aspects to birth, and there is a time and a place for every support measure, including the ones that are sometimes called "interventions." When an informed woman decides that getting an epidural is the right course of action for her, then it IS, in fact, the RIGHT COURSE OF ACTION FOR HER. There is no 'failed' at Hypnobabies, because we don't teach that interventions are wrong. We teach what they're for, their benefits and risks, and we trust birthing families to make the decision of what is right for them. 

No matter how you plan your birth, or how it turns out, you got this mamma!

Will you have a doula at your birth?

Doulas are ah-mazing. It’s true. And Hypnobabies works well with or without a doula. A doula’s job is to support a pregnant and birthing mom with education and comfort measures. Generally, they use things like constant emotional support, counter pressure, massage, and movement to do this. However, when a mom has practiced with Hypnobabies, there are even MORE ways that she can help you be comfortable. Neat, right?

For the record, I recommend doulas to all birthing women!

Are you planning a water birth?

Nifty! Water is SOO comforting during birth! (And pregnancy, amiright?) The only equipment you’ll want during your Hypnobabies birth is some way to play your Hypnobabies tracks. Most moms choose headphones because they help block out other sounds and help mom focus more inwards. (And since you’re not really going for a swim, they don’t really interfere with being in the tub) There are some tracks that are best to play out loud, and so having a phone or speaker nearby can be helpful. Feel free to listen to your tracks in whatever way works best for you.

Are you nervous about birth?

Hypnobabies does a great job of helping moms and their birth partners feel much more confident in their pregnancy, their bodies and the birthing process. It is a comprehensive course, so you’ll know everything you need to know to be fully prepared to make all the important decisions you need to. With the added bonus of knowing you’ll be surprisingly comfortable throughout the process, many moms feel much more relaxed and at ease about their pregnancy and upcoming birth.

Are finances a concern for you?

I know that your money is a precious commodity, and that birth can use a lot of it! So I want you to feel confident that preparing for your birth with Hypnobabies is a worthwhile investment.

Now, there’s no way to predict exactly what will happen in any given birth, but we do know this: moms who prepare for birth by taking a high quality birth class (like Hypnobabies) tend to experience less complications, fewer interventions, and have smoothers births overall. They are more educated and prepared to make important decisions, including feeling confident in accepting or rejecting interventions based on personal preferences and/or medical need.

That means that when you enroll in our Hypnobabies class, you're setting yourself up for an easier birth where medical complications and unnecessary interventions are significantly less likely. 

Long story short, Hypnobabies can actually help SAVE you money by making some of the most expensive aspects of birth less likely. I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal! 
What is Hypnobabies?
​A childbirth class that teaches self hypnosis techniques for a more comfortable birth.
Hypnobabies students use self-hypnosis to learn Medical Grade Hypno-Anesthesia and Eyes-Open Hypnosis so they can be much more comfortable and mobile throughout their births.

Making Little Miracles teaches Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Courses in Salt Lake & Utah Counties.​
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Group classes are the most fun way to experience Hypnobabies! With up to 5 other couples in class, there is an enjoyable atmosphere of moms-to-be and their partners sharing experiences, hopes, and laughs.

18 hours of live instruction, including Hypnosis Sessions every week. This class is perfectly paced for expecting families. 

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