How To Enroll

Text "Enroll" to
I'll send you an auto-reply with a link to the enrollment form.

I will have your first 2 Hypnobabies Tracks ready for you as soon as your payment has been processed. No need to wait for class, you can start right away!! YAY!

I do like to get to know all of my students before class begins. So expect a text from me asking about why you choose Hypnobabies and what you're hoping to gain from our class. Feel free to call or text me with any questions about class or enrollment. I look forward to meeting you, and having you in our class!

Erinn Funk 435-294-3127


Not quite ready to enroll? 

Let me know you're interested by texting in the Start Date of the Class you're thinking of taking.


Still on the Fence?

Check out this free Hypnobabies track. I look forward to hearing what you think of it!

Or just text me! I always love to answer questions to help you feel more confident that a Hypnobabies class is right for you. :)