Frequently asked questions

  1. When is Class?
    Typically, my classes are Thursday nights, from 6-9 pm. Although, sometimes a student requests we move class up or back a bit, and if the whole class is OK with it, we will. It's a six week series, however, occasionally, we'll need to skip a week (for a holiday or if I get called to a birth). We'll make that week up by adding on an extra week at the end. So plan for some wiggle room by blocking out seven nights.
  2. Where is Class?
    I teach at Beautiful Mountain Birth in Jordan Landing.
  3. Can my husband or partner come?
    YES! Please bring your spouse (or spice!) to class! Hypnobabies is designed with a supportive Birth Partner in mind. If you are a single mom, we have some minor modifications that will make Hypnobabies work very well for you too.
  4. Can my Doula come?
    YES!! Please let her know you are taking this class, and that she is welcome to join us. (most doula's JUMP at the chance to attend a Hypnobabies class!) If she can't come to all the classes, the best one for her to come to will be class 6, which includes our Birth Rehearsal.
  5. Do you offer a Payment Plan?
    Yes. You can register (and get your first two tracks) with a $100 non-refundable deposit. This holds your space in class, and covers the cost of your student materials. The balance is due by the first class.
  6. Can I use my HSA to pay for class?
    YEP! That's nice, isn't it!
  7. Do I need to bring anything to class?
    YES. Please bring some pillows and blankets. We'll be doing Hypnosis in EVERY class, and it's much better when you have everything you need to get comfy.
  8. Can my other kids come?
    No. We have a lot to cover, and it's difficult to cover everything if we'll all distracted by a cute kid. Not to mention, it's a LONG time for a kid to sit still. If you have an older child (or children) who will be assisting at the birth, please involve them in your practices at home, and we can discuss the appropriateness of having them join us for our Birth Rehearsal in class 6.