Upcoming Hypnobabies Classes

Class Info

Group Classes are on Thursday Nights from 6-9:30 
~Bring snacks and a water bottle~ 

We'll be at Beautiful Mountain Birth Suites in West Jordan.

7611 Jordan Landing BLVD #120
West Jordan, UT 84084

Group Class


Get all the benefits of a live and in person class! Other Hypno-moms and Birth Partners to learn and grow with, as well as an instructor to guide you every step of the way!

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Private Class


This class is a wonderful option for those prefering more privacy and one-on-one experience with their birth class. We will arrange to use either your house or mine for our very personalized classes!

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I know that your money is a precious commodity, and that birth can use a lot of it! So I want you to feel confident that preparing for your birth with Hypnobabies is a worthwhile investment. 

Now, there’s no way to predict exactly what will happen in any given birth, but we do know this: moms who prepare for birth by taking a high quality birth class (like Hypnobabies) tend to experience less complications, fewer interventions, and have smoothers births overall. They are more educated and prepared to make important decisions, including feeling confident in accepting or rejecting interventions based on personal preferences and/or medical need.

That means that when you enroll in our Hypnobabies class, you're setting yourself up for an easier birth where medical complications and unnecessary interventions are significantly less likely. 

Long story short, Hypnobabies can actually help SAVE you money by making some of the most expensive aspects of birth less likely. I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal! 

**Clients of Beautiful Mountain Birth are eligible for a discount on group classes. Contact Angie for your coupon code.**