What is Hypnobabies?
Hypnobabies is childbirth class that also includes self hypnosis techniques for a more comfortable birth.
Hypnobabies students use self-hypnosis to learn Medical Grade Hypno-Anesthesia and Eyes-Open Hypnosis so they can be much more comfortable and mobile throughout their births.

Making Little Miracles teaches Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Courses in Salt Lake & Utah Counties.​
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Hypnobabies Works
StatisticsThe following are statistics for Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis only:
(based on our very successful 6 week course, and 18 total hours of instruction -aka GROUP CLASSES)

1) Very Comfortable births – 70-75%. Women who report that they felt mostly pressure, tightening or mild cramping sensations.

2) Comfortable until transition – 15%. Pressure only, until the 10-60 minute transitional period, with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter. “Very manageable.”

3) Comfortable until active labor – 10%, with mild to intense degrees of sensation thereafter. This group can have any number of things that affect their birth experiences; prodromal labor, posterior or asynclitic presentations that do not resolve, other labor complications, emotional issues, lack of support, or they simply did not do their homework! (45 minutes a day) Hypnosis for childbirth won’t help a mother or a couple that is not willing to do the work involved in preparing for their baby’s birth.

All women reported that the Relaxation and Fear Clearing in the Hypnobabies program were invaluable to them during their labors. 

*In my personal experience, everyone LOVES our affirmations track too, as it helps them to relax emotionally and  feel more confident about their pregnancy and births!