What Makes Hypnobabies Different?

Our Hypnobabies Live Course has 18-21 hours (six 3 to 3-1/2 hr classes) of instruction, and includes an advanced curriculum Student Workbook, 11 instructional hypnosis audio tracks, 5 hypnosis scripts on paper, 1 music audio track, 1 pregnancy affirmations audio track, 4 "birthing day" audio tracks that keep our Hypno-moms in hypnosis during labor, a Birth Partner's Guide Booklet, a Quick Reference Guide for labor, a Birth Partner's Relax and Feel Confident audio track and many handouts. With several additional hypnosis tracks available for purchase here .

Hypnobabies uses medical-grade hypnosis techniques which are learned, practiced and used in a much deeper state of hypnosis called somnambulism, and they produce "Hypno-anesthesia". These are the same hypnosis techniques used for non-anesthetic medical and dental surgical procedures, (for those people who are allergic to medical anesthetics) and Hypnobabies has a very high rate of unmedicated, comfortable births.

Hypnobabies is also a comprehensive childbirth education course: we teach staying healthy and safe during pregnancy, detailed Birthing Choices information for creating Informed Consent or Refusal, an in-depth nutrition and exercise program, Optimal Fetal Positioning, turning a posterior baby, the full Anatomy and Physiology of Birth, avoiding back labor and irth empowerment skills. Hypnobabies also includes a full training for Birth Partners, Quick Reference handouts for labor, as well as a Birthing Rehearsal using Hypnobabies techniques in class. We also provide information on Newborn Care, Breastfeeding and Postpartum care for our moms.

Hypnobabies Classes are all taught by Certified Hypnobabies Instructors who all have at least 50 hours of hypnosis training as well as childbirth education backgrounds.
#Hypnobabies is an internationally successful program used by millions of birthing families to become empowered throughout their pregnancy and birthing times and to help create a positive and more comfortable birth experience.

And it works!
Class1: Introduction to Hypnobabies 
+ HOw our Minds & Bodies work
Class 2: Staying Healthy & Safe
Class 3: Your Options in Birthing
Class 4: The Onset of Labor
Class 5: Birth Partners, Transformation and Birth
Class 6: Breastfeeding, New Mom+Baby Care, and Beyond

What will I learn? 
​Class Outline